Saw Trap (1) – WARNING

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Jigsaw
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I’m going to post one of SAW movies trap.




Trap 1

So, a man who had involved in the continuous game, wanted to save this girl. He had to set her free with a key.


The key, was INSIDE her throat.

So he had to pull it.


Here’s the real challenge..

If the girl screamed, the sharp pipes *as seen in picture above* would became closer and closer…


The man, tried really hard to warn her to shut her mouth.

Shut up..

But it’s a real hard work to do with the girl….

The man really worked hard, but the girl kept screaming and the sharp pipes became closer and closer

Closer and closer
















And then…..






He failed…..






She was dead.





  1. hana haninda says:

    selalu seram

  2. ansmutiaraw says:

    blog kamu keren banget sal

  3. hafizhalya says:

    Itu yang kunci ta? Medeni….

  4. vina says:

    medeni se tapi luar biasaaa semua posmu sangat membahana

  5. dhifa says:

    one of my fave scene

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