I am NOT going to talk about that jigsaw. Yeah, that PUZZLE Jigsaw.

What I’m going to write is much cooler, creepier, scarier, and other words that have the same meaning to them.

I’m talking about THIS Jigsaw.







This is Jigsaw

I know you guys are questioning who is that /pointing above/ puppet. What makes it so interesting and worth to know?

This puppet, is actually just a symbol. The real guy is named John Kramer 

John Kramer

That guy, is really hard to describe. Here, go to the closest mall to your house, buy SAW 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Then you will know what are interesting things in him.

This Lionsgatmovies are kind of hardcore psychopath movies, so if you got big nerve, watch this. if you don’t have it, I am not recommending these movies to you.

I’m going to try to describe John Kramer in simple way…

He stands for justice. He is craving for justice. But he stands justice, in a hard, bloody, flesh-scattered way. Simply, in inappropriate way, so you are FORBIDDEN to try to make these traps, or imitating jigsaw.

What I emphasize here, is to be grateful with what you have now. And try to avoid any mistake.

If you want to know better about this guy, just check out my post about Jigsaw.

Live or die, make your choice.

Example of Trap

Garage trap

Syringe trap

  1. jigsaw serem banget. tidak kuat untuk dilihat (bagiku)

  2. desymega27 says:

    seram seram serammmmmm X_X X_X X_X

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