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1. Details Matter

Whatever incarnation Sherlock Holmes appears in, his best quality is his exacting eye for detail. If you pay as much attention to detail in your work as Holmes does, you will find that little will get past you

Details on the wall

2. Get acquainted with all fields of knowledge 

Holmes knew what facts were relevant and also knew where to go in order to get them.

3. Look for a possible alternative and provide against it

One should set aside any and all prejudices when considering facts -Sherlock Holmes


4. There is more than one way to approach problem 

Holmes uses many problem-solving approaches. Sometimes he goes out in disguise and asks the right questions. Other times, he sits up all night smoking a pipe and thinking about it. At yet other times, he uses clever deception to draw the players into the game.

Sherlock Holmes in disguise

5. Some mysteries are never solved

For Holmes, this is not a bad thing. It doesn’t bother him that he can’t find the answer to everything. Instead, he finds it fascinating and files the information away for future use. If every case were so neatly resolved, he would probably lose interest, being prone to boredom as he is without a puzzle at hand. The infinite nature of the puzzle keeps the fun alive in his work.

Our beloved Moriarty

6. Free yourself of your habits of over-thinking

Be aware of your feelings and emotions and get some measure of detachment from them.

Holmes and Irene Adler

7. Partners are indispensable 

As we all know, Watson is Holmes’s partner, his assistant and follower. He is also the audience and narrator of Sherlock Holmes’s most unique adventures. Even the brilliant Holmes likes to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and Watson’s mere presence is sometimes more useful than any other tool at his disposal.

Holmes and Watson

To a great mind nothing is little -Sherlock Holmes