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Saw Trap (2) – WARNING

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Jigsaw
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Posting another trap of SAW movies!

This time, SAW 6




These people had to sacrifice a part of their body (because of course they made mistakes) in order to stay alive.

The heavier the sacrifice, the more the chance to stay alive

So this woman decided to cut her hand.

Cut cut cut

At first she only wanted to cut that long, but seeing her opponent, this guy

this guy

so she decided to cut longer part of her hand

Oops I forgot to mention that the one who lose will be dead because that thing on their head, had a drill next to their right and left edge of forehead…

so she cut it out


Cut cut












And at the end of the day…..












The woman won…she was nearly lost






And the guy was dead


Explains everything above