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I am going to post fun facts about our beloved fictional detective character, Mr. Sherlock Holmes


/loud applause

Thank you.

I am going to reveal the fact either from the novels, or the movies.


Talk about the novels first, here they come!

1. Sherlock Holmes played the violin pretty well

Tv Series Sherlock Holmes played violin

Movies Sherlock Holmes played violin

Sherlock Holmes, in fact, created some songs with his violin. It was seen in Scandal In BelgraviaTV series Sherlock Holmes made a sad song for Irene Adler. It seemed like Sherlock started to like her intelligence. But yeah, that case was one of several mysterious ending that had ever been written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

2. Sherlock Holmes once killed off by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because he got sick of writing about him, but fan support made the author bring him back

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I know, I do know, that fan support is AAAMAAZZZING. I am so glad that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finally made a right decision.

Nice mustache by the way, Sir.

3. Gregory House from the TV show, House, is made based on Sherlock Holmes

Gregory House

Tv Series Sherlock Holmes (what a good-looking guy!)

Movies Sherlock Holmes (amazing as usual, Sir!)

That TV show, House, well I admit I have watched it, but like only several times. Because it was good, really, but it hasn’t stolen my mood yet, but as far as I watch, Gregory House does have a good skill in debating, like Sherlock did.

4. Sherlock Holmes is a drug addict (uses cocaine and opium) and at the time it was socially accepted

I watch the movies, I watch the TV series, and of course I read the novels. The novels was made long time ago, in there I read that Sherlock Holmes was a true drug addict. But when I saw in TV series, Sherlock Holmes used nicotine patches to control his addiction to cigarettes.




5. Sherlock Holmes was using fingerprints as evidence long before most police departments

Sherlock Holmes with his loop

He is just so genius.


Now from the movies…

1. Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, and Javier Bardem were considered to play Moriarty

Brad Pitt


Gary Oldman

Sean Penn

2. In Sherlock Holmes 1, Robert Maillet, who was involved in fighting scene with Robert Downey Jr, accidentally knocked out Robert Downey Jr.

Fighting Scene

3. Sam Worthington was considered for the role of Watson

Sam Worthington


There are still a lot of facts in Sherlock Holmes movies, but you can read it yourself in IMDb.


Done. Go busy yourself.

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth